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See all your Nevada transportation options in
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Finding affordable transportation options can be challenging, so we created this technology for Nevada residents to be able to see all their transportation options in one place!

Choose from big city buses in Reno and Carson City to RSVP volunteer drivers in Lander County. All the transportation providers are available in a single app or web interface.

No matter if you are going to the doctor, getting groceries, playing bingo, or seeing a friend,
N4 Connect is available for your transportation needs.

Low cost and free transportation

All the public transportation and low cost transportation options are available across Northern Nevada and soon the entire state.
See ride options available for $2 or even for free!

Urban and rural options available

From Reno and Carson City to Eureka and Winnemucca, N4 Connect includes transportation options in town and in the country.

High security

We use 256-bit encryption to protect and secure your personal data and transaction history.

Personal guidance

If you need help using the app or online portal for the first time or need any kind of technical support, you can call and talk to our customer support team and get your questions answered.

Transportation Simplified

Book a ride using our app today!

Book Your Ride Online

You can use your computer or tablet to see all available transportation options.

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Where can I download the N4 Connect app?

The N4 Connect app is available in the IOS Apple app or the Android Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, users will be able to view, schedule, and connect with available transportation providers to help them reach their destination with ease.

Need tech support booking a ride?

If you are looking for additional support booking your ride, feel free to call us at 775-446-4205.

What type of rides are provided?

You can book rides to the doctor, to get groceries, to social events or visit with friends.
N4 Connect is available for all your transportation needs.

Need more information?

Please contact N4’s Executive Director, Amy Dewitt-Smith, at amy@neighbornv.org.